John Cole Plumbing Professionals invests in the latest technology so we can solve our customers’ plumbing problems in the most efficient and effective way.  Here are just some of the tools we use:


The Jetter

Our latest addition!  In layman’s terms; a pressure washer on steroids. This beast blasts cold or hot water to unclog debris from drains, cut out root growth from pipe and when needed, with the flip of a switch, the extreme hot water melts grease clogs like butter! Call us to inquire about the advantages of the cold/hot water Jetter. We are the ONLY plumbing company in the area with this type of machine.

Here are some of the reasons a jetter delivers superior results:

  • The jetter will get drains cleaner than any other option without the use of harmful chemicals. It uses nothing more than ordinary tap water.
  • Unlike sewer snakes, jetters can reach 1000 feet. They are just as effective at 1000 feet as they are at 50 feet.
  • Professional sewer jetters are strong enough to break up every form of clog. They also scour the entire inner wall of the pipe completely clean of oily deposits and debris including tree roots. After a sewer jetter finishes its job, the inside walls of the sewer pipe are almost as clean as the day they were installed.